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  •                                                                                    #SayYestoKaffeCollective
                                 Win over $700 of Kaffe Fassett Collective February 2021 fabrics
                                                           August 2020 - January 4th, 2021
    Join our fun, impromptu challenge celebrating the newest Kaffe Fassett fabrics and patchwork and quilting books, Quilt in Burano, and #SayYestoKaffeCollective!!  Be the first to touch and treasure Kaffe Fassett Collective's new fabrics, no matter where you                                                                live in the world!

       1.    Select one quilt from Kaffe Fassett's newest book, Quilts in Burano, Available in             NOW!
       2.  Visit your favorite quilt shop online or in person, and handpick the perfect                       Kaffe Fassett Collective fabrics* to make the selected quilt from the Quilts in                   Burano (See Details).
       3.  Starting in August, Select, cut, preview, audition and audition again, until your                color and design choices make you feel happy and very Kaffe-like.
  •    4.  Now, with your creativity and color sensibility in just the right place, make your                quilt or quilt top by January 4, 2021.  
  •    5.  Post your rendition of your Quilts in Burano quilt on your personal Facebook or              Instagram account using this VERY IMPORTANT HASHTAG:                                          #SayYestoKaffeCollective and TAG @yourlocalquiltshop 
  •    6.  Kaffe will search #SayYestoKaffeCollective and select his favorite quilts to win                prizes valued at over $3,000!
  • When you #SayYestoKaffeCollective, you could win one of these fabulous prizes: 
  • *  2   top Winners! - advance 1-yard cuts of the next Kaffe Fassett Collective February           2021, valued over $700 (USD).
  • *  2   Secondary Winners -- advance 1/2-yard cuts of the next Kaffe Fassett Collective           February 2021, Valued over $350 (USD).
  • *  6   Winners to receive a complete set of the NEW Kaffe Fassett Collective Classic               precuts in January 2021, valued over $120 (USD).
  • 50% of the quilt or quilt top must include the NEW Kaffe Fassett Collective fabrics delivering to your favorite quilt shop in August 2020.  The other 50% must be made from any Kaffe Fassett Collective fabrics.
  • Contest is open to all, no country limitations.
  • Winners will be announced via FreeSpirt Fabrics social media platforms (Facebook and Instagram) by January 18, 2021.
  • Selected Winners must respond via social media and the use of #SayYestoKaffeCollective is your agreement that you will abide by the rules and accept the decisions of the judge.